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Schools and Education Providers

Schools and Education Providers

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Select Business Services is a range of professional and business services which are focused on the needs of all types of schools and education providers.


If you need periodic or ongoing external help on business issues such as:

  • Dealing with employee and staffing matters
  • Tackling legal problems and disputes
  • Financial management and governance
  • Getting good value and service from core business requirements like energy supplies, creative and print solutions, etc.
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 ... then Select Business Services could also be the answer for you.


Select Business Services presents you with an unrivalled choice of essential operational and business support, to solve day to day issues or realise strategic plans. Delivered by locally based experts for local organisations, Select Business Services will provide the quality of help you need and when you need it most.

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Schools health and safety
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A full list of services can be downloaded via the schools login page.