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About us

About us

Select Business Services is a range of professional and business services which are focussed on the needs of local community organisations, from schools to public bodies to not for profits and even local businesses.


Are you an organisation that requires or has considered periodic or ongoing external help on business issues such as

  • Dealing with employee and staffing matters
  • Tackling legal problems and disputes
  • Financial management and governance
  • Getting good value and service from core business requirements like energy supplies,
    creative and print solutions, etc.?

If the answer is yes, then Select Business Services could also be the answer for you, whether you are a maintained or academy school, town or parish council, housing association, charity or voluntary group, membership organisation, or even a small
business. Select Business Services presents you with an unrivalled choice of essential operational and business support, to solve day to day issues or realise strategic plans.

What’s different about Select Business Services?

Supported by a sound infrastructure and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are more than just a collection of different professional services. By providing you access to the advantages and security of working with a large organisation, we are committed to being more than just your supplier. We aim to build a strong and supportive working partnership and guide you towards the best possible outcomes.

We’ve listened to what you say…

Naturally, you would expect us to understand the needs and issues facing community based organisations; having to do more with less. In this time of austerity, when budgets are tight and the right skills can be in short supply, we’ve compiled a range of complementary services which are proven and readily accessible.

You have the freedom to choose…

Dependent on your different needs, you can work with us on contract or on a pay as you go basis, giving you the flexibility to choose. The more we get to know you, the more we can provide proactive advice, help you effectively plan for the future.

Make the right selection…

Capable of both a hands-on and consultative approach, Select Business Services brings together an unrivalled mix of relevant skills and expertise, gained not only in the public sector but in private industry too, bringing a balanced and rounded perspective to the table.

What services do we offer?

In short, we offer a wide range of professional support that covers people, places and practices. From advice to management to training or implementation, each service is tailored to the different needs of our varied clients.

To find out more

Please contact us on email or telephone:


0800 090 2252